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Roguin Ariel

Head Interventional Cardiology at Rambam Medical Center, Israel

Prof. Roguin has extensive experience and a very impressive resume. He graduated medical school at the Technion (cum laude) specialized in internal medicine and cardiology, held a research and interventional cardiology fellowship at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, USA, and also holds a PhD in medicine (angiogenesis).

Prof. Roguin is an expert in the treatment of stenosis and obstruction of the coronary arteries, particularly in high-risk patients and patients during a heart attack.

He has published over 200 academic articles, been a partner in writing books on cardiology and has been awarded a variety of research grants and prestigious prizes in the field. In recent years, he served as Director of the Invasive Cardiology Unit at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.

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    • Location: Israel
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