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Ozaki Yukio

Professor of Cardiology and Director of the Department of Cardiology at Fujita Health University Hospital School of Medicine, Japan

Dr. Yukio Ozaki is a cardiologist, his special field is PCI and invasive and non-invasive coronary imaging such as OCT, IVUS, NIRS and CT-angiography for the prediction of ACS.

Whilst Dr. Yukio Ozaki is the first Japanese fellow under the supervision of Prof. Patrick W. Serruys in the Thoraxcenter Erasmus University MC Rotterdam, the Netherlands, he defended his thesis entitled “Clinical Application of IVUS and QCA to Assess PCI and Atherosclerosis”. He recently proposed that intact fibrous cap ACS (IFC-ACS) defined by OCT and angioscopy would be plaque erosion for the first time (EHJ 2011). He also proposed that TCFA can be defined using IVUS as lipid core abutting lumen (LCAL) (Circ J 2015).

Yukio Ozaki and his colleagues reported that positive remodeling and low attenuation plaque by CT angiography could predict the occurrence of ACS in the future and predict the long-term prognosis (JACC 2009 & JACC 2015).


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  • Location: Japan
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