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Horer Tal

Associate prof. Surgery, Senior vascular surgeon Örebro University Hospital & University. Head the EVTM program, Sweden

As general and attending Vascular surgeon, Horer Tal works with Endovascular and open surgery, both aorta, access and peripheral diseases. Human and animal studies. Also deals intensively on improving vascular and bleeding control techniques. Heads the development of endovascular and hybrid trauma and bleeding management (EVTM), or EndoVascular Rescusitation program and doing extensive research on both human and animal models. Editor-in-chief JEVTM.  Heads the EVTM round table symposium.

Several retrospective and prospective studies ongoing, both on a local, national and international level.

Several animal studies on pREBPA/iREBOA/cprREBOA and hemorrhage control models.

Innovator of several medical instruments. Major interest in endovascular surgical techniques and trauma endovascular management tools. One of them is the Coala life project.
Responsible for the surgical residancy program in Örebro region.

Great believer in non-ego cooperation and good-will doing.

Conference planning
    • Location: Sweden
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