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Biton Yitschak

EP Cardiologist at Hadassah University Medical Center, Israel

Yitschak Biton served as an officer in the IDF and graduated from the officer’s training course with honors. After his service, with ISEF’s help, he studied at the Hebrew University’s Hadassah Medical School. He became a cardiologist specializing in electrophysiology. This involves medical intervention in dangerously irregular heart rhythms through techniques such as ablation, medications, pacemakers, and implantable defibrillators.

Following his studies in Jerusalem, Yitschak was invited to New York to work on the problem of sudden cardiac death. He published scholarly articles and won an award in his field. He was then invited to a two-year fellowship at Harvard’s Mass General Hospital in the field of cardiac electrophysiology.

Yitschak is a cardiologist specializing in interventional electrophysiology, which is the current cutting edge in the field. He is going to work at one of the best hospitals in Israel, Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center, and the Hebrew University. He believes it is a great privilege to work in the holy city. His hope is to advance the field of electrophysiology together with his highly-trained colleagues.

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