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Binur Yuval

Owner of Accelerated Technologies, Inc., New York City, USA

Dr. Binur has over 30 years of worldwide venture capital and investment experience.

Since 2009, Dr. Binur has been focused on the emerging markets, mostly China. In 2000 he founded Accelerated Technologies, Inc. – a highly differentiated investment firm focused on medical technologies and specifically cardiovascular.

Prior to that, Dr. Binur has been a founding partner of Medica Venture Partners, Israel’s first dedicated life sciences and medical technologies venture fund.  Prior to that and throughout the 80s, Dr. Binur was a member and manager of Adler & Co., a large New York based venture capital firm. Dr. Binur has been a board member of over 50 venture-backed companies in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and technology. Among them; PVT (now Edwards Lifesciences’ Sapien), superDimension (now owned by Covidien), Impella (now owned by Abiomed), Memory Pharmaceuticals (now owned by Roche), Pathway Medical (now owned by Bayer),  Oxigene Pharmaceuticals (now owned by Roche), Zoran, Accufax and Mitralign to name a few. During his career in venture capital, Dr. Binur was involved with major M&A transactions totaling over US$3 Billion.

Dr. Binur has been involved with innovative medical technologies and imaging companies as well as other technologies originated from Israel and from the US, and created innovating investment structures for early stage companies, acting as CEO and active Board member and chairman.

Dr. Binur main interest is in cardiovascular and ophthalmic diseases. Dr. Binur is a member of the ICI conference organizing committee, Israel’s medical technologies innovations annual meeting, of CSI group of conferences and of CCI– China’s leading CV conference.

Conference planning
  • Location: USA
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