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Bahagon Yossi

Founding Managing Partner of Qure Ventures, Israel

Bahagon Yossi is a clinically active Family Physician, entrepreneur and considered a world-wide opinion leader in the fields of e-health, m-Health & Tele-Care.
He is a partner at several digital health startups in the domains of pharma 3.0, Quantified Self, consumer medical device,machine learning, m-Health and Tele-Care.
He also serves as a lecturer in Evidence-Based Medicine and Biomedical Informatics at the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School, and as a lecturer in the field of e-Health at the Ben-Gurion Medical School.

In 2008 he has founded Clalit Health Services (CHS) Digital Health division. CHS is the largest HMO in Israel and the second largest coordinated care organization WW (more than 4.2 million members, 10,000+ physicians,1300+ambulatory clinics, 14 hospitals, 650 pharmacies). CHS Digital Health division leads next generation, digital-based, patient-centered-care services, focusing on deepening patient involvement in managing health through e-Health and mobile health interactive tools.
Four years post launch, CHS Digital Health suite has created a dramatic change both at the patient’s and the national levels, with proven outcomes in clinical quality, efficiency, availability and accessibility aspects. CHS Digital Health activity is considered one of the largest Digital Health operations world-wide and has won several national and international excellence prizes. Currently, more than 1.6 million patients each month use CHS digital health platforms accounting for more than 2.4 million digital health interactions each month.

Prior to his position at Clalit Health Services he served as the Medical Director of the Israeli Clinical Information Center, and as a consultant to CEO positions in the venture capital, Bio-Medical and Pharmaceutical industries.

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