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“We’re are on an edge of a tsunami, of an epic change in healthcare and being able to understand the different views, the different talents, the new players. How we’re going to coalesce together and forward, forge forward into a whole different realm. And since it’s a different pathway, there are going to be different technologies and different contributions that spawn from that different pathway.”

Prof. Peter Fitzgerald

“The foundation of innovation is really understanding the clinical needs. I see an opportunity for clinicians, innovators, regulators and industry to come together, especially in the Academy of Innovation, an ideal environment where people can brainstorm and bring different perspectives to create something that brings clinical value.”

Tim Laske


RAFI BEYAR I think we need to be the premier Innovation meeting in the world in the cardiovascular and general vascular area. We’re going also to lower vascular and to peripheral. We want to attract both the Physicians, the academicians, the industry and the investment groups.

CHAIM LOTAN What is different in our group compared to other meetings? It is the ability to understand that Innovation is the team work. This is the lesson that I brought with me from my sabbatical in Stanford almost 18 years ago. If you want to be successful, it’s not the physician. It’s the entrepreneurs, the bioengineers, the VCs, it’s is the entire infrastructure around it. And I think that Rafi and I have successfully brought the ICI meeting into all these audiences, which is totally different.

So the ICI meeting is not like most meetings, that are talking about the past. If you go to all the industry meetings, they say: we have done a study last year. They are bringing me the results of this study. For me, once the study has been done, it’s old news already. I’m not interested anymore to hear it, because everything is on the net. But the ICI meeting is a future meeting. What are the unmet needs? What differentiates ICI, and that’s why I think we’re so successful, is that instead of talking about the results of the past studies, we are talking about the needs of the future. So everyone is coming to understand: What is still missing? What was going wrong? What are the problems? Where do we begin? What is the Digital Revolution? Where do we need to invest?

If you ask me, what I want to do, is really enhance this, like Rafi Beyar said, into the ICI meeting, which will be the primary meeting in the world talking about the future and innovation.